ArexA VB


ArexA-VB provides much more security in comparison to a conventional sealing planks without the necessity of expensive upturn. The ArexA-VB elements are coated on both sides with a patent-registered, special coating. The contact of the special coating with fresh concrete prevent the ArexA-VB system from flowing around.
Beside the excellent binding with the surrounding concrete, the special coating encourages actively the fusion of the concrete (active limestone formation and active crystallization).
A concrete bonding of 3cm is enough for sealing safely. The high composite action of this special coating avoids potential leakage because of shrinkage of the concrete structure in the joint areas. The single element of metal sheet is 2.0 m long, 15 cm high and approx. 1.25 mm thick. The special coating is not sticky and therefore not covered with an unfunctional protective sheet.

Application area

ArexA-VB can be placed in every construction joint,
horizontal and vertical, at pressurized and non-pressurized

  • Construction joint in wall / base area at pressurized and non-pressurized water
  • Construction joint in wall / wall area or floor/ floor area
  • Junction of precast concrete units: wall / base area,

Characteristic product data

Zinc-coated metal sheet (W = 0.75 mm/ L = 2,000 mm / H = 150 mm, coated on both sides over the height of 150 mm with a 0.5 mm thick layer of “active” special coating which will compound chemically with concrete and will build a permanent sealed joint (Y-crystallization, swelling, sintering).


The high composite action of the coating to concrete brings an incomparable waterproofing connection between the metal sheet and surrounding concrete. The joint is additionally actively sintered by the special coating, which improves the waterproofing effect.


  • ArexA-VB metal sheet with both-sided coating is placed central and is fixed there (with ArexA-VB Ω-stirrups).
  • Overlap joints 5 cm only. At curvatures and corners, bend the ArexA-VB metal sheet simply in the optimal shape
  • ArexA-AB metal sheets are 2.0 m long and can placed very quickly and easily into the continuity reinforcement.
  • joint gluing is not necessary and there is not covered with an unfunctional protective sheet which needs to be pulled of before casting concrete.
  • One-man placement easily possible!
  • There is no quicker or more economical way possible!


How ArexA-VB waterproofs safely and permanently “active”

The active sealing procedure of ArexA-VB bonded plates is started by the reaction of the different ingredients in the patent-registered special coating in close contact with the compounds of concrete. The crystallization penetrates deeply by the active process of osmosis into the capillary system of concrete. The combination of different ingredients start a micro crystallization respectively fusion in the structure of concrete, which leads to a safe and permanent sealing of capillaries and shrinkage cracking and moisture displacement. This procedure works on the side where water pressure occurs but even on the far side of water pressure.
Without humidity the elements of the special coating are not or not anymore active. If there is contact to humidity or water someday again, the chemical reaction starts immediately and independently and the sealing procedure is initiated automatically again. The crystallization respectively fusion penetrades then even deeper into the concrete structure. This is due to the special qualities of the chemical ingredients of this special coating to react again and again, and start sealing very effectively (“active self healing procedure respectively active self waterproofing”).
ArexA-VB can be placed independently from the season (temperature) and weather (rain or snow) yearlong without any problems.

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