ArexA PU-B

ArexA-PU-B is a bituminous substance consisting of two-component polyurethane membrane. The two component which are used are a hydrophobic polyurethane resin and extended chemical polymerized natural bitumen. Pure, highly linked elastomers serve as basis.
ArexA-PU-B is coated in liquid cold condition and hardens in this cold condition very quickly. ArexA-PU-B is not UV light stable.
ArexA-PU-B provides a durable, seamless, hydrophobic, highly elastic sealing with excellent mechanical, chemical, thermic membrane which provide a high resistance against the influence of nature elements.
Curing is carried out by the reaction of the two components.


• Sealing of foundations
• Sealing of retaining walls
• Adhesion waterproofing in bathrooms, terraces, roofs, etc.
• Sealing of roofs with inverted insulation
• Sealing of asphalt and bitumen felts etc.
• Sealing of concrete loadbearing structures
• Also used as joint filler for horizontal sealing
• Low-movement joints and movement joints
• Certified and certificated product


• Easy application, fast hardening
• Application with seamless transition even in difficult situations
• Highly and permanently elastic (> 2,400 %)
• Excellent capability of accommodating a crack
• Moisture blocking characteristics
• Excellent puncture resistance
• Excellent thermic persistence
• Resistant against water and frost
• Keeps the mechanical characteristics over a temperature spread from -30 °C zo + 90°C
• Excellent adhesion on nearly every kind of surface
• The waterproof surface is accessible
• Resistant against cleansing agents, oil, sea water and household chemicals
• Even if the membrane is damaged mechanically, repair on-site within a few minutes is easily possible.
• No naked flames at application necessary

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