ArexA PU-T

Transparent sealing of balcony and terrace floors

The transparent sealing is essential for open and exposed areas.

Balconies and terraces, patios and pavements belong without doubt to the most intensively used parts of a building. They are permanently exposed to the elements and constant temperature variations. Especially when these areas are covered with ceramic tiles, cracks in mortar joints occur oftenly through which water can ingress and cause harm. PAN-TECH offers you a transparent sealing system with unique transparent coating technology: the transparent, liquid polyurethane-sealing system ArexA-PU-T. There are two models: shiny and matt-finished.

ArexA-PU-T is a transparent, liquid polyurethane-sealing membrane of the newest technology. It is easy to use, fully certificated and guarantees long-lasting results. This product is suitable for all new-built balcony- and terrace-constructions but also for repair and refurbishment.


• Easy to use (roller, brush, airless-spray gun)
• Composes a seamless membrane, adapts to any kind of form
• Safe sealing of joints and details
• Minimum addition to weight and thickness on the surface, which means statically unobjectionable
• Resistant against water, heat and frost
• Crack bridging
• Permeable to water vapour
• Very good heat and weathering resistance as well as ultraviolet light resistance
• Stay flexible from – 40 °C up to + 90 °C
• Adheres to nearly every kind of surface
• Resistant against cleaning agents and oils
• Low costs in comparison to removal of old tiles, waterproofing and tiling again
• More than 10 years of customer satisfaction worldwide



ArexA-PU-T is a transparent one-component keying surface, which activates ceramic and glass surfaces and provides an excellent adhesion to every coating.


ArexA-PU-T is mainly used as primer for transparent polyurethane coatings an not absorptive surfaces like e.g.:

  • Sealing of balconies and terraces
  • Sealing of glass
  • Sealing of glass-block masonry
  • Transparent proofing of transparent plastics (e.g. polycarbonate)
  • Transparent proofing of ceramic surfaces
  • Transparent lining and protection of natural stones
  • Transparent proofing and protection of wood
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