ArexA HYDRO-Wood

ArexA-HYDRO-Wood is a protective agent for all kind of woods against different environmental impact. It consists of modified soluble glass combined with a special catalyst. This material penetrates the natural pores of wood deeply and connects with the wood fibers to a constantly protective barrier, which reduces the flammability of wood and prolongates life expectancy.


  • Application is easy and unproblematic.
  • Odorless
  • Environmental friendly
  • Breathable
  • Acid resistant
  • One-layer treatment
  • Elongated durability
  • Reduced service necessity
  • Dust binding
  • Easy cleaning

Directions of use

Common wood surfaces and untreated wood does not need any pre-treatment. ArexA-HYDRO-Wood is applied at + 5 °C at least. All other pre-coatings and paint layer have to be removed completely before the application in order to enable the penetration of ArexA-HYDRO-Wood.

  • Agitate well before use. Do not mix ArexA-HYDRO-Wood with other liquids.
  • This material is ready to use.
  • ArexA-HYDRO-Woodcan be applied by brush, roller, low-pressure sprayer (max. 5 bar)
  • A simple treatment only needs one application. The practical spreading rate depends on the porosity of the wood. The wood should become saturated; on vertical surfaces always start applying from the bottom
  • When overdosed, ArexA-HYDRO-Wood does not penetrate the wood completely and stays at the surface; remove excess material with the help of
    water, a rubber lip and a cloth before hardening.
  • ArexA-HYDRO-Wood penetrate the surface and can be walked on after 2 to 4 hours; restricted enter after 30 minutes possible
  • Clean the tools with water
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