Advantages in processing

Advantages in processing

Concrete treated with our system is:

  • highly resistant to aggressive substances and is protected against acids, alkalis and chlorides.
  • resistant in the pH range from 3 to 11 with permanent contact and resistant from 2 to 12 with temporary contact.
  • temperature resistant from –32° C to +130° C at constant load and –185° C to +1.530° C with temporary contact.
  • resistant to water pressure up to 13 bar, positive and negative.
  • absolutely resistant to moisture, UV radiation and oxidation.
  • able to close the pores independently when moisture starts ascending in the concrete.
  • thereby able to seal the structure.
  • dense with closed pores and capillaries, this increases the strength.
  • able to close cracks up to 0.4 m independently by building new crystals.

The treatment of concrete by our system has resulted in the following:

  • concrete remuneration and increase in concrete resistance
  • suitability for pressure water sealing – positive and negative suitability as additive for green and ready-mixed concrete
  • suitability for the rehabilitation of concrete components
  • suitability for retroactive sealing of concrete components
  • suitability as additive for ready-mixed and form concrete products
  • suitability in the field of potable water and foods
  • no deterioration, once the crystals are built, they can only be destroyed mechanically
  • the crystals become an integrated part of the concrete
  • the concrete is protected against aggressive chemicals
  • the concrete is protected against chlorides and therefore corrosion of the reinforcement steel is prevented
  • the compressive strength of the concrete is increased

Advantages in processing:

  • no need for dry weather
  • no expensive pretreatments or levelling of subsoil
  • no dry subsoil– on the contrary – a drenched concrete surface is necessary
  • cannot be detached or lifted-off on a point-by-point or flat basis, not even at the edges
  • doesn‘t need any additional protection during retroactive laying of reinforcement steel
  • complex additional works such as overlaps or welding are not required
  • this application is much easier and more favorable than many other sealing available
  • can be applicated on the positive as well as on the negative side of water pressure
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