Liquefied sheet for sealing of roof areas, cracking vulnerable frontages and concrete areas

Type of product

ArexA-ACR sheet is a white, viscous, solvent free, one-component, water-thinnable plastic composition on the basis of pure acrylates and after drying it provides a long-term highly elastic, resistable water-resistant sealing even at low temperature.
ArexA-ACR is therefore very suitable for constant water load. ArexA-ACR sheet is dirt-repellent and therefore prevents frontages and flat roofs from heating.


ArexA-ACR sheet is highly resistant against embrittlement and maturing, it is thermal stable and UV resistant. It adheres on subsoils like galvanized steel, tarred roofing felts and even on foamed polyurethane. ArexA-ACR sheet is breathable, permeable to water vapour, noxious gas proofed, inflammable, odorless, physiologically an toxicologically nonhazardous.


ArexA-ACR sheet is supposed to be used as sealing for polyurethane foamed flat roofs, façade lining of
asbestos, for coating of concrete areas, concrete flat roofs, corrugated asbestos roofs and concrete frontage coatings.


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