ArexA Crystalline Sealing Slurry

ArexA Crystalline Sealing Slurry

Product description

ArexA-Sealing slurry is a cement-bound surface sealing against ground moisture and pressurized water by penetration. ArexA-sealing slurry is also used as sealing against pressurized water when coated in appropriated thickness. ArexA-sealing slurry is water proofing and resistant against aggressive water. ArexA-sealing slurry clings excellently to nearly every cleaned and cemented surface. As flexural strength is very high, the danger of cracking is very small when using ArexA-sealing slurry. In conjunction with damp-proof injection ArexA-DURIPAL, ArexA-sealing slurry brings good results in penetration, and structure damaging silicates become encapsulated in the procedure.

Field of application

ArexA-sealing slurry is a ready for use, hydraulically-setting surface sealing. It provides sealing against pressurized water and humidity in new and old buildings, in damp rooms, swimming pools, water tanks, underground car parks, tunnels, shafts and manholes, or the like. It is also applied in basements, retaining walls and cesspools.


ArexA-sealing slurry is cured as a watertight surface sealing. The sealing slurry is physiological nonhazardous and can even be coated in areas for potable water.

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