ArexA Elastic Slurry

ArexA Elastikschlämme

Product specifications

ArexA-Elastic slurry is a two-component product consisting of:

  • Dry mortar component on mineral basis
  • Solvent-free liquid component for mixing


  • High bond strength, cures without shrinkage or cracks
  • Crack-bridging due to a high level of adhesion and tensile strain
  • ArexA-elastic slurry is examined and monitored under DIN
  • Watertight
  • Suitable for WHG § 19-coatings against transformer and heating oil

Special notes

ArexA-elastic slurry is a cement-based product. That is why the color can vary due to the raw materials. In order to receive an all-over shade in the coating, you are advised to paint with ArexA-Ipaplast afterwards. Skin formation can be avoided when covering the bin.

Mixing instructions

Mixing the dry powder component (21.0 kg) with the second liqid component (9.0 kg) of ArexA-elastic slurry by using an drilling machine at maximum speed.


ArexA-elastic slurry is coated in at least 2 layers of equal quality with a brush. Be aware of coating the corners and edges with the same precision and thickness. Any further layer needs to dry sufficiently (depending on temperature, at least 6 hours). For conglutinating flexible joint tapes, ArexA-elastic slurry is coated as a first layer. Joint tapes are placed, the mesh is coated again on the side. The mixed slurry has to be worked on within 1 hour, ArexA-elastic slurry can be rinsed with water from tools when it is fresh. Protect fresh applications from sun, low temperatures and wind, if necessary, moisturize. Already coated areas have to be protected against mechanical damages; excavations have to be backfilled according to the (German) construction contract procedures.. Rinse tools with clean water, also packages and residues of material. Bulks and buckets in which the slurry was mixed has to deposited as official reglementation recommends. Key for waste deposite: LGA-Nr. 314 09 EWC-Nr. 17 01 01.

  • Clean the surface from dust and lose parts; construction contract procedures are in charge. 
  • Surfaces of fine-pored concrete B15 must be free from rock pockets, cracks, arris and edges.
  • Rockpockets have to be filled before sealing with ArexA- repair mortal. 
  • Chisel out metal parts by 1.5 cm. surface has to be saturated and remaining water to be extinguished before coating. (surface moisture) 
  • Masonry with interstices have to be pargeted with ArexA-waterproof plaster or with ArexA-Uni plaster (sealing plaster)
  • ArexA-elastic slurry can be coated immediately on masonry on cement mortar basis consisting of sand lime solid bricks or hollow concrete blocks and joints solidly filled. Not to be coated when temperatures are lower than +5 °C, expecting frost or on frozen surfaces.
  • Any further application is done after sufficient curing (at least 6 hours depending on temperature)
  • Avoid Intense and direct sunlight (e.g. in midsummer) or strong exsiccation by wind during application. (by using canvas cover i.e.)
  • During curing and for the next 72 hours, the surface temperature must not be lower than + 5 °C, maximum temperature + 30 °C, the relative atmospheric moisture not higher than 80 %.
  • In accordance to the rules for processing cement-based materials.

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