ArexA HYDRO-Brick

ArexA-HYDRO-brick is a permanent, up to 6 cm deep penetrating waterproofing

What is hydrophobizing?

Hydrophobizing prevents the capillary system of concrete from water penetration in all open-pored, cement-based and mineral surfaces in- and outdoors.

ArexA-HYDRO brick builds a strong water- and dirt-repellent surface, which is easy to be cleaned. Deposits of moss, fungi or algae are avoided. It protects the material against efflorescence, air pollution and UV radiation. Furthermore, it offers a transparent protection on all kind of masonry/ concrete surfaces and preserves the natural appearance. ArexA-HYDRO brick is colorless, inodorous, solvent-free, not flammable and nontoxic. It does not leave a coating but a clear and natural surface.

In commercial areas, ArexA-HYDRO-brick is applied mostly to obtain a natural surface with repellent function against water, any kind of liquid (oil, grease, wine, coffee etc.) simple color and environmental conditions.
Old (untreated) stones and bricks receive their original look again, react impermeable to water and are protected permanently. Furthermore, heating and energy costs are reduced due to drainage of masonry and the protection against penetrating rain.
Typical applications are walls, floors and ceilings, chimneys, roof tiles, terraces, flat roofs and swimming pools made of concrete.

How does ArexA-HYDRO-brick work?

ArexA-HYDRO-brick waterproofs all open-pored, cement-based and mineral surfaces in- and outdoors, including all kind of concrete, screed, bricks, clinker bricks, argil, and different types of stone (e.g. sandstone, terra-cotta, etc.). ArexA-HYDRO Brick develops a strongly water- and dirt-repellent surface, prevents from moss, fungi and algae, and is easily cleaned. ArexA-HYDRO-brick prevents the treated surface from efflorescence, air pollution and UV radiation.


  • Application is easy and unproblematic.
  • Odorless
  • Environmental friendly
  • Breathable
  • Acid resistant
  • One-layer treatment
  • Elongated durability
  • Reduced service necessity
  • Dust binding
  • Easy cleaning


  • Colorless, odorless, solvent-free, not flammable and nontoxic
  • Does not leave a separated coating, but a transparent, clear and natural surface
  • Water-soluble potassium methylsilane triolate with an organic catalyst, not film-forming, high capillarity, not flammable Waterproofs mineral building materials up to a depth of 60 mm (in a one- or max. two-layer application, wet-on-wet technique) and develops a water-repellent surface


Pure natural product based on water-soluble potassium methylsilane triolate ready-for-use with an organic catalyst.


Turn the canister upside down and shake it well. You get the best and evenly results when ArexA-HYDRO-Brick is applied with a standard pressure sprayer. On small areas, it is also possible to use a roller, brush or sponge for application. The surface should be treated thin and evenly in order to prevent from ponding. ArexA-HYDRO-brick must not be diluted with water and only be transferred into new, unused casks. Usually one treatment is enough. We recommend an additional treatment on strongly absorbing surfaces – wet-on-wet.
Attention: ArexA-HYDRO-brick is hydrophobic. Therefore, it cannot be applied on surfaces to be treated with additional materials. A further application with paint for instance after the treatment with ArexA-HYDRO-brick is not possible.


Generally, ArexA-HYDRO-brick is a surface sealing with depth effect for any kind of concrete, stone (like bricks, calcareous sandstone, granite, schist etc.) cement plaster and unglazed tiles.
It can also be used on these materials when the surface has to be sealed completely and protected against water and acids, but not be treated or painted subsequently. The application spectrum is very large, here are some examples of successful applications with ArexA-HYDRO-Brick.
Please check accurately whether the concrete, stone or plaster has been treated chemically. ArexA-HYDRO-Brick can only be used on natural finished concrete, stones, tiles or bricks. In rare cases with some of the newest concrete and stones, additives have been used which causes possibly color aberrations. If you are unsure, apply ArexA-HYDRO-Brick on a
hidden spot and wait for 2 days to see the result.


  • Brick front (sealing, stone refurbishment, reduction of energy costs, joint sealing) – e.g. refurbishment of listed buildings.
  • Unsealed stone floors (calcareous sandstone, sandstone, granite, schist, terra-cotta, basalt etc.)
  • Kitchen work plates, bathroom shelfs, windowsills from unsealed stone
  • Unglazed ceramic tiles (e.g. terra-cotta, granite, schist etc.)
  • External walls and walls and stone masonry
  • Mineral plaster (without any chemical or water-repellent substances)
  • Roof tiles (unglazed, made of ceramic or concrete) – can be sealed (broken tiles to be exchanged before application)
  • Sealing of joint in showers, shower and toilet pods, swimming pools
  • Chimneys (brick or other kind of stone masonry)
  • asbestos cement / corrugated sheets (wall covering or roof)
  • wells made of stone
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