ArexA Ipanex Flächendicht WF

ArexA Flächendicht WF


ArexA-Flächendicht WF is a ready-mixed, quick-setting, cement-based mortar on DIN 18557.

Application area

ArexA-Flächendicht WF is the appropriate sealing for area-measured applications on water incursions. Application on masonry and concrete.


ArexA-Flächendicht WF soaks instantly when in contact with water (self-sealing effect) and adheres perfectly on mineral surfaces. It seals water incursion immediately and durably while construction steel is not damaged (free of chlorides).

Special characteristics

ArexA-Flächendicht is a rigid sealing.Cracks, settlement, deformation and movement of the structure may lead to leakage. Ambient and material temperature must not be higher than +30°C. no curing necessary

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