ArexA PRO Brick

Permanent surface protection

ArexA-PRO-Brick is a surface sealing and protection treatment for exposed brick areas like e.g. walls, cellars, wells and stone walls of any kind. ArexAPRO-brick is used to increase firmness of surfaces and dust binding during mechanical grinding and polishing procedures of stone floors and walls. The result is a strongly resistant and scratch-resistant surface.

ArexA-PRO-Brick penetrates deeply into the capillaries, micro-cracks and pores. The chemical reaction between salts and minerals makes sure that a very strong potassium silicate hydrate compound is generated. Subsequently, a crystalline structure is developed, which prevents from water penetration but allows capillary diffusion. Due to the fact that the protection penetrates deeply into the concrete, it is immune to outer influences like abrasion and impacts.

A treatment increases the durability (abrasion resistance) of new stone floors and walls for more than 35 % and strengthens old, weather-beaten stones and masonry. The treated surface becomes water repellent with the final application. When the subsoil is very moist, we recommend a pre-treatment for depth effect with other products from the ArexA familiy.

Areas of application

  • Stones and masonry
  • Streets, bridges, tunnels
  • Parking areas and garages
  • Water supply and waste water facilities
  • Wine cellars
  • Marine facilities
  • Old vaults
  • Agricultural silos
  • Biogas plants
  • Saw and paper mills
  • Recycling plants and waste deposits
  • Balconies and stairs


  • Application is easy and unproblematic.
  • Odorless
  • Environmental friendly
  • Breathable
  • Acid resistant
  • Elongated durability
  • Reduced service necessity
  • Dust binding
  • Easy cleaning


ArexA-PRO-Brick is ready to use, must not be mixed with other liquids or diluted. Shake the cask well before use. The surface to be treated must be free from dust, paint or any coatings, which possibly affects the absorbability of the material.

Damages or visible cracks (>1.0 mm) have to be repaired before application. Protect glass, aluminum, polished or lacquered surfaces from etching. Cleanse splattered areas with water and if necessary with an alkaline solution.

The minimum temperature during application and 24 hours after has to be more than + 5°C. Avoid direct solar irradiation during application. Use a standard low-pressure sprayer or a roller for a simple application. Provide two application within 5 to 15 minutes until a complete saturation is achieved.
Please note that the drizzle expands widely when applied and can damage glass surfaces.

ArexA-PRO-Brick can be poured on horizontal surfaces and spread evenly on the surface with the help of a scraper, brush or cloth. Avoid dry spots during application. The complete saturation is reached after 20 to 30 minutes. Remove deposits to avoid possible shiny or white spots.


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